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My name is Diane Corriette. I am a trained life coach who loves personal development.

In 2005 I read about using the internet to gain new coaching clients and after two years of using it that way other professionals began to ask me to help them make use of it.

By 2009 I decided to let go of coaching clients and use techniques like affiliate marketing, blogging, advertising and membership sites to earn a living.

I run one main businesses. Little Fish Digital Media (digital marketing consultancy and training in Luton Bedfordshire).

If you are looking for a digital marketing speaker or consultant contact me via Little Fish Digital Media.

Under that umbrella is Influencer.biz (WordPress blogging platform) and Chapbook Publishing (publishing/workshops)

Diane Corriette

Chapbook Publishing publishes my information using chapbooks. They are very short books (under 40 pages) and they can be used for poetry (traditionally) but I also publish flash fiction stories and non-fiction books.

Diane Corriette chapbook publishing

Below are some of the sites I blog on to earn passive income using one or more of the following – affiliate marketing (selling someone else’s product), advertising, selling my ebooks, membership site model, consultancy/training/workshops.

I use blogging to earn passive income online, which was my main motivation for learning internet marketing. To be able to travel and live abroad while earning an income from different sites.

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brain evolution system
Diane Corriette juicing for health

Juicing and rebounding – my passion for health in 2014


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British Politics Explained – I am a Lib Dem Supporter and volunteer

Decided to start a blog that will explain British politics so I can understand it myself :)

I write flash fiction (very short stories under 1,000 words) and poems. My first book The Last Hut was self-published October 2013. I want to learn to write Satire because I like to think I have a sense of humour but not sure I can be cruel.


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